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Is it Proper to Shoot Garands with GI Barrels?

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  • #16
    I’d love to shoot my barrel out!!


    • #17
      MY point of view: I can shoot the heck out of it, or let my heirs sell it to someone who will. Easy choice for me! My personal M1 Bucket List includes actually wearing one out. I have about 9000 rounds to go and the clock is ticking.


      • #18
        Shoot the USGI as much as you want. No need for a Criterion. These barrels were made to take a lickin' and keep on tickin'.
        Be Prepared


        • #19
          Originally posted by Ronwall View Post
          Just like serious car collectors enjoy having dozens of cars but rarely if ever driving certain ones and coin collectors enjoy having rare or valuable coins and not spending them, I enjoy having dozens of collectable Garands but only shooting a select few that I do not consider collectable. From my point of view I consider it preserving history for future generations and I just enjoy having them. They are my rifles so I'll do with them as I please but to each his own.
          ^ Yep, same here. Agreed!

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          • #20
            This is an attitude thing.

            If one shoots a great deal, which I used to and probably will again, it's a way to do what the rifle did in its heyday, and not further deteriorate stuff which CANNOT be replaced. Same reason many of us don't shoot rifles in their rare, collectible butt stocks. A crack means one thing on a 2012 purchased, attractive, commercial stock, and a repair doesn't make it "doctored" necessarily. On a pre-war hunk of wood, sorry, it deteriorates value and heritage/

            Really, it comes down to volume. If you shoot 100 rounds a year, you'll rarely wear out a barrel. If you shoot several hundreds rounds every day, well, no question, you WILL stress that unit a couple of months.

            There's another factor, too. Modern commercial barrels with extremely rare exceptions are WAY better than the older ones. Machining and straightness/concentricity measurement and so on has vastly improved in 80 or so years. And a heavy barrel will shoot better and last longer.

            So it's not all one way.

            No, there's no "rule". You make up your own or you don't.
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            • #21
              So you don't shoot it, to save it, but what are you saving it for, since you can't do anything else besides shoot with it?

              If you want a GI barrel to look at, get a shot out one and hang it on the wall.


              • #22
                The huge majority of these rifles are mixmasters rebuilt from gauged parts pulled at random from bins. They are rugged, durable, reliable, utilitarian firearms that are great shooters. I don't see that they can't be used and enjoyed except for a very few. Probably the worst thing is not properly greasing them. That will result in excessive wear.
                The thief may possess something he stole, but he does not own it.
                The owner has a right to take his property back from the thief.


                • #23
                  All the Garands we shoot at Perry in the JCG matches all have USGI barrels on them. We won't be around when USGI garand barrels are hard to find. You can still find NOS 1903 barrels and that gun is over 125 years old.


                  • #24
                    People still rebuild and fly vintage warplanes, and there are far, far fewer of those still around. Every few years you hear of a crash where one is destroyed, and people die.

                    Someday the only remaining examples will be in museums.


                    • #25
                      There were millions and millions of GI Garand barrels made, its not like a Japanese Zero where there are only a handful still in existence, and only a few that still fly, and only one I believe with its original engine.

                      In a Zeros case. I can see an argument as to why they should not fly anymore, I'm not saying I agree with it, but its a legitimate question to ask.

                      But when Millions of Garand barrels are still out there, I find the statement above kind of ridiculous .


                      • #26
                        Some replacement stocks and barrels at the ordinance facilities came from commercial sources, not military. Basically the huge majority of Garands are now a hodgepodge of inspected parts from multiple rifles. The end result is a serviceable rifle to be issued to a combat infantryman. With prober maintenance (DRY IS BAD) the rifle should last a lifetime.

                        Proper lubrication:
                        A Tutorial on how to apply grease to your M1 Garand Rifle. Grease is critical for proper function of the rifle and we'll walk you through the process.

                        Garand overhaul/rebuild:
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                        The thief may possess something he stole, but he does not own it.
                        The owner has a right to take his property back from the thief.


                        • #27
                          Two points:

                          1) a replacement barrel is a replacement barrel, regardless of who made it

                          2) the era of inexpensive surplus .30-06 in quantity being behind us, the danger of barrels being shot out goes ever downwards.


                          • #28
                            Originally posted by brianm767 View Post
                            There were millions and millions of GI Garand barrels made, its not like a Japanese Zero where there are only a handful still in existence, and only a few that still fly, and only one I believe with its original engine.

                            In a Zeros case. I can see an argument as to why they should not fly anymore, I'm not saying I agree with it, but its a legitimate question to ask.

                            But when Millions of Garand barrels are still out there, I find the statement above kind of ridiculous .
                            I'm not sure whether you're referring to my post or the OP, but I actually agree with you. M1 rifles are so common that that there are plenty of excellent, historical examples in museums around the world.

                            My point was just that people still fly rare, vintage warplanes (which I think is a good thing), so why not shoot your much more common rifles?


                            • #29
                              Only firearm that i consider not fire would be my nazi marked P38 pistols. Since everything is stamped with serial numbers, one damage can hurt the value. I still shoot 115gr once in a while still. Life’s too short for guns that just sits in the safe.


                              • #30
                                Originally posted by mountaineer273 View Post
                                He told me that he was told by the clerk there that it is best to only shoot Garands that have Criterion or other new production barrels on them. The reason that he gave was that since the supply of GI barrels is finite, we should not be shooting them.
                                Well, to begin with, it is factually accurate to say that in general, a criterion barrel is best to shoot with than your average USGI barrel.

                                That said, I'm thinking the clerk was talking about SPARE USGI barrels out there, not ones that are already installed on a rifle. So in that context, it is plausible that the clerk said it in such a context.

                                You're building a rifle, so yeah it's probably best to get a criterion unless you are considering history and are choosing to build with all period parts.

                                Although nowadays, a mint SA 60's barrel is probably going to cost you less or at least about the same as a brand new criterion. They are over $300 now with shipping from the factory website.

                                As for me, I have a Minty SA 1966 barrel with TE-1.5 and ME-1 but there's a real good chance I'll be using my spare criterion before I touch that one if I'm building a new shooter. But sure, maybe it could go the other way, depending on my mood at that time.

                                I will never shoot any of my collector or correct grades. No reason for me to do that. I've got plenty of great shooters.